Fundraising/Public Relations


The aim of the DIGA’s Fundraising/Public Relations Committee is to 1) promote the organization’s service and volunteer activities; 2) form working, mutual collaborations with local and national dermatology organizations and businesses; and 3) provide medical students and Dermatology Interest Group officers with a central, online information regarding dermatology event fundraising and advertising.

Additionally, DIGA is always looking for organizations or individuals who are interested in providing donations or sponsorships to our organization.  As a student-run, nonprofit organization, such donations and sponsorships are a critical component of DIGA’s ability to better serve medical students interested in dermatology by providing funds to help cover the costs to organize and market DIGA-sponsored service and volunteer events.   Funds may also be used to help fund DIGA’s Annual Leadership Meeting help each year at the American Academy of Dermatology’s Annual Meeting.  In return for any charitable donations, all organizations or individuals will be allowed free advertising on the DIGA website and be invited to attend and participate in the Annual DIGA Leadership Meeting.

If you are interested in making a donation to DIGA or would like to inquire about opportunities to advertise on our website, please contact DIGA’s current Fundraising/Public Relations Committee Chair, Jack Short (


Thank you!!!