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By DIGA Blogger on 10/1/2017 2:44 AM
St. Joseph Mercy Dermatology Residency Program will be accepting 4th year medical students through the ACGME match this year. Students will still need to apply separately for the transitional year internship through the match as the program is not categorical. Please see below for more information about the St. Joseph Mercy Dermatology Residency Program and Transitional Year Program. how to request rotations.

St. Joseph Mercy Dermatology Residency Program:

2-week clinical rotations are still available for interested fourth-year medical students wishing to pursue a future in dermatology. If you are unable to rotate for 2 weeks, we will try to accommodate your school’s rotation policy. There are other options available such as meeting with our program director, Daniel Stewart DO, or attending one of our upcoming Grand Rounds. This is a great opportunity for us to showcase our program while also learning more about you. To schedule a rotation or to help arrange one of the other options, please contact Patrice Robertson at
By DIGA Blogger on 3/24/2017 10:39 PM
Hi everyone! I am a 4th-year medical student who has successfully matched into dermatology (woo!). I wanted to share my experience with the daunting process of applying to a dermatology residency in hopes that it will help answer your questions and alleviate some stress. I encourage you to speak to as many people who have gone through this process as possible, as the experience and opinions will vary from person to person. I will split this blog post up into five parts: 1) Research year 2) Away Rotations 3) Application 4) Interview Trail 5) Post-interview communication

Research Year

I decided on dermatology in the middle of my third year. I had no research and a pretty average Step 1 score for derm, so I chose to pursue a research year to enhance my competitiveness. Since I had no experience in basic science research, I sought out clinical research opportunities (DIGA lists a bunch of research opportunities on The advantage...
By DIGA Blogger on 2/3/2016 11:20 AM
Please take a moment to view our Winter Newsletter, which features new opportunities and dermatology events, as well as a special feature Q&A with the Chairman and Associate Program Director for Residency at Thomas Jefferson University! 

DIGA Winter Newsletter 2016

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